Mission Statement

Our goal is to be the leading IT Company in Papua New Guinea. Our company aims to transform the country through integrity and customer commitment. Our customers are our paramount priority, our promise is to provide quality services that are both innovative and provide added value to you. We value our business, because our business is you.


beautiful PNG kids laughing and playing. we at skoonters care for PNG.

About Us

At Skoonters we take pride in offering the best Customized Software Solution to you. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. Our team of qualified Computer Scientists and System Designers are always at hand. Based in Port Moresby, we also can ship and consult with clients from anywhere in Papua New Guinea.


We do most of our "work" in our office with minimal interaction with the client, thus we don't get in your way. However, during system overhaul or system designing, we do have to collect information and data about how your system works thus we will visit the client and collect the information.


Our team of specialists are Computer Science engineers and are more than capable of handling any sized job. We work quickly and efficiently. We can even suggest better ways for your system or alternatives that you can take. Take advantage of this pool of knowledge specialists and contact us today.



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