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Made in PNG, for PNG

Papua New Guinea has a unique socially and economically. We at Skoonters, can help you with online systems with that in mind.



It doesn't matter where you are in PNG, we are always willing to help, be it big or small projects, we cater for every sized business.

Web Programming

Mobile Apps

Fully Responsive

Innovative web technologies right to your business.

Mobile apps on all platforms, android, apple and windows mobile devices.

Fully responsive and can be viewed on all mobile devices cleanly.

Networked Systems. It's finally here.

Transform your business to take advantage of the power of the networked systems. Networked Systems are gaining momentum in this age of interconnectivity and cloud computing. Yes, we can make that happen for you!

Web Technology. We know it like nobody else.

Web technology is the thing to look to for your business. Our team of web developers bring you an unparalleled expertise in web technology from websites to mobile apps.

Thats not all... we can do more.

Do you need a small database system to keep track of your inventory? Do you want a Website for your company? Do you want a small program to keep track of employee sign-in and sign-out? We can do it all...get the picture?

Our Services

We build custom systems designed to perfectly suit your business.
We provide database design and programming with tested integrity and security.
We design fully featured websites with all the percs of todays web technology.
We develop mobile apps on all platforms. Affordable...and in country.

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